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[S t a r i n g] at my shoes thinking of something to say...

...But |nothing| is better than what [s i l e n c e] is saying

|x|Stephiekins ♥|x|
20 April 1991

|P r e t t y| as a car crash
Subtle as a sprinter
[S][m][o][o][t][h] like sandpaper
_Warm_ just like the winter

...It's heavy and it hurts and it's love

I'm Steph.
I have a bunch of different nicknames, some of which include Stephiekins, Lemon Drop, Chewy, Frosting, and Sprite. I'm sixteen years old and that would make me a junior at RCHS and a proud BOLT. I'm pretty shy shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'll talk your ear off. I have the awesomest friends ever, and my three bestest besties are Kaitlyn, Natasha, and Joseph. I'm a soccer player and a soon-to-be sideliner for the N.E. Polk Soccer League. I have a new puppy named Daisy and she is a golden retriever. I am someties a grammar/spelling whore. My favorite bands (as of now) are 30 Seconds to Mars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and The Pink Spiders just because they're awesome like woah. I'm also on the yearbook staff this year. I'm usually described as a pretty sensitive, too-trusting person and I often cry over sappy love songs and movies. :P ...And I also suck at doing 'about me' type things, so if you want to know any more, just ask. :)

"Stephiekins is definitely one of my favorite people ever. She's too much fun. No matter if we are walking around the mall looking for spinny bling (and making fun of the wood chip jewelry), hanging out at a football game on the WALKWAY while standing still (and then stealing peoples umbrellas because PSHA, who pays $18 for an umbrella? WHO?), laughing hysterically over Kyle XY quotes, or talking on AIM when we are way way, way, over tired, we alwaysss are laughing. We also happen to have the most awesomest mall/movie days ever and you all should be jealous that you aren't cool enough to be invited. ;) Oh and she's also always there to kick my computer when its being retarded, listen to me rant like a crazy person or chase away the maniacs who like to attempt stalking me. :) ..whoa, this is starting to sound like an infomercial or something. I better stop, haha. Oh well, the point of this whole thing is that... I HEART L-DROP! ♥" -quicktodream |♥|

"Oooooh Stephanie. Just a darling little ray of sunshine, isn't she? ;) Honestly, I love the girl. She's made me smile more times than I can count, and she always has something silly or sweet or quirky or just fun to say. I've never met anyone who didn't like her instantly, and even when I don't understand the goofy inside jokes with her friends, they still make me laugh. I miss her tons since we don't talk as much as before, but still ♥ her every bit as much. Awesome gal, indeed. ;)" -colormeloved |♥|

"Hm, what can I say about that girl Stephanie. Well, I've kinda know her since the 3rd grade? But I didn't really start talking to her until around the 7th (that was when her friend Samantha and my friend Cory went out. What a mess that was). Yeah, now we're just the best of friends. We like to make up retarded names for eachother, like Cuppycake Sprinkles and Frosting. We also like the same music. That emo-screamo-punky-head bang-alicously cool music. (Ahem, The Used and TBS). I'd like to go to the same school as her, because it would be awesome. (I could get my birthday present, too!) But my aunt is a whore and makes me stay at hellhole Jenkins. Unlike Natasha's family, they dont all think I'm trying to get in her pants (not that I've heard of, anyway XD). Well that's about it. She's cool. I'm cool. And together were ultra-mega-super-funk-a-liciously cool pair of friends. :]" -xglorifiedtrgdy |♥|

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Friends. Movies. Music. Boys. Flirting. Drake Bell. Watching little kid shows. Rollin' with the homie g's. Acting gangstuh. Boys. Wrestling. WWE. Monday Night RAW. ECW (sometimes). John Cena. Edge. Shane West. Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle. Chad Michael Murray. Rock Music. So You Think You Can Dance. Making icons. Travis Wall. The OC. Channing Tatum. Boys in eyeliner. Emo kids. Skateboarder boys. Soccer boys. Concerts. Reality Shows. Zac Efron. Tweety. Reading. Writing. Dancing. Role-playing. Cartoons. Sleeping in late. Ricky Ullman. The Disney Channel. Being a dork. Harry Potter. The Olympics. Bunnies. Glitter and sparkly things. Eeyore. Pooh Bear. Piglet. Growing Up Gotti. Ashley Tisdale. Nick Lachey. Listening to boy band music. Sex bracelets. Hot Topic. Being right. One Tree Hill. Supernatural. Pink. Roller Coasters. Ryan Sheckler. Scary stuff. ER. Sappy love songs. Much more.

Hilary Duff. Posers. Biology. Preps. Gangstuhs. Being too hot or too cold. Too much homework. Swimming. Carrots. Pineapples. People who don't call me back. Being called spoiled and/or rich. People who don't remember my birthday. Hott guys with girlfriends. Drama. Being neglected. Feeling sorry for myself. Sympathy. Getting sick. Bugs. Snakes. Stupid teachers. Long boring movies. Stalkers. Liars. Haters. Drama whores. Being short. Not being musically talented in any way. Stealers. Idle people. Angelina Jolie. Getting up at 5 AM. Stupid teachers. A lot more...

The Pink Spiders. AFI. Lustra. The Rolling Stones. A Change of Pace. Slipknot. Drake Bell. Cute is What We Aim For. Ashley Parker Angel. Breaking Benjamin. Rise Against. Green Day. Blink-182. Rascal Flatts. The Who. Taking Back Sunday. My Chemical Romance. Simple Plan. October Fall. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The All-American Rejects. Motion City Soundtrack. Eighteen Visions. Yellowcard. Hawthorne Heights. Papa Roach. Seether. Garbage. 30 Seconds to Mars. Hinder. Nickelback. Fall Out Boy. Panic! At the Disco. BNL. Snow Patrol. The Used. Flyleaf. Disturbed. Cartel. Stain. Black Label Society. Alice in Chains. A7X. Angels and Airwaves. Bowling For Soup. A Dozen Furies. Led Zeppelin. 3 Doors Down. The Ataris. Audioslave. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Daft Punk. Beck. CKY. The Cure. The Fray. The Darkness. The Clash. Dashboard Confessional. Aerosmith. Daphne Loves Derby. Relient K. Death Cab For Cutie. Def Leppard. Dope. Drowning Pool. A bunch more...

A Walk To Remember. The Notebook. 10 Things I Hate About You. High School Musical. The Mummy series. The Halloweentown series. Brink! Legally Blonde. House of Wax. The Saw movies. The Harry Potter series. The Lion King. Aladdin. Friday the Thirteenth. The Scary Movie series. The Bride of Chucky. Bruce Almighty. Drake And Josh Go Hollywood. Pirates of the Caribbean. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Queen of the Damned. Not Another Teen Movie. Interview With A Vampire. Edward Scissorhands. Grease. The Grinch. Hannibal. Little Nicky. Bring It On. Mean Girls. Meet the Fockers. Meet the Parents. Rat Race. Spider Man. American Beauty. My Boyfriend's Back. John Tucker Must Die. The da Vinci Code. Forrest Gump. The Marine. The Waterboy. The Wizard of Oz. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Titanic. Romeo and Juliet. The Witches of Eastwick. Halloween. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Scream 1, 2, and 3. Dazed and Confused. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Fox and the Hound. Jawbreaker. 50 First Dates. Stay Alive. Eurotrip. The Breakfast Club. Shrek. Many more...

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